Heating & Boiler Services

Available 24/7

We have expertise with all types of heating systems and provide boiler, radiant heat system, furnace installation and repair and conversions from oil or electric to gas. If you are looking for hot water heaters, we offer gas water heater and electric water heater installation. Cassidy Plumbing and Heating has the experience and skills to handle all components of your heating system and understands the importance of maintaining a safe and effective home heating system.

Our experienced and highly skilled technicians work with all types of boiler and hot water systems and provide:

• Heating system inspection and diagnosis
• Heating Installation
• Heating Repair
• Emergency Heating Repair
• Boilers
• Heat Pumps
• Boiler and hot water heater maintenance
• Boiler reconditioning
• Emergency services
• Boiler and hot water repair or replacement